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The First Presidential Debate, 2008: What You Don’t Seem to Understand…

I feel the need to come out of what must seem like retirement to say something on The New Apocalypse about the first Presidential Debate of 2008 (full video below). I can’t fucking believe how many people are saying this debate was a draw or actually ended in favor of John McCain. Are you serious?

I actually watched some Republican asshole (a guest on a CNN panel at the conclusion of the debate) say that he thought McCain held his own and Barack Obama was – I quote – “On the defensive throughout the debate.” This same dick head moron said – again, I quote – “I think John McCain’s numbers will go up one or two points in the polls.”

Let me ask you, dear Constant Reader… did you watch the debate? If you did, please tell me… do you honestly think there was any question as to who came out ahead? Do you really think John McCain argued his points fairly and accurately? He was caught in outright lies more than ten times by Obama and Obama called the motherfucker on it point-blank. McCain avoided answering nearly every question that was posed to him directly, instead skirting around the central issues, while Obama answered every question succinctly and completely with multiple specific points of support.

Not convinced? Let’s talk about body language: McCain never looked Obama in the eyes throughout the entire debate, while Obama had no trouble facing McCain directly with his accusations (probably because they were all accurate and fair). Obama also had the balls to look the American People in the eye while he was speaking to them; Obama looked at the camera when he was speaking to the American people. McCain could only talk about the American People in the third person rather than the second, as if there weren’t voters in the audience of the debate or watching at home. How can you watch that, dear Constant Reader, and then say McCain is actually in touch with the public?

A friend of mine (author of Historical Rockuments; check his stuff out, dear Constant Reader) said he thought Obama did well but didn’t strike hard enough and brutally enough when McCain’s defenses were down while the candidates debated the economy and national defense. I respectfully disagree. I think Obama’s calm refutation of McCain’s outrageous lies and accusations were just what the situation called for. If Obama had resorted to blunt and visceral attacks, he would have been sinking to McCain’s level. That was just what McCain wanted when he kept baiting Obama with cheap childish teasing tactics like saying, “What Senator Obama doesn’t seem to understand is…” over and over and over. The whole reason Obama appeals to so many people and has throughout the Primary season and the General Election so far is that he walks a higher road than John McCain, who apparently has no reservations about telling bald faced lies to the American general public.

McCain even managed to make a fool of himself by saying that North Koreans are shorter than South Koreans because they are so oppressed, which had nothing to do with anything and is patently unproven. While it is true that North Koreans are shorter than South Koreans on average, how the hell would McCain know scientifically if it had anything to do with their being oppressed? And I would like to join many others in asking why McCain smiled so warmly while making the comment about North Koreans being so short. Does he think its funny that the little almond-eyed people are so tiny? What the fuck is up with McCain anyway?

Besides, the proof of Barack Obama’s victory in the first Presidential Debate lay in the polls: post debate polls by CNN and CBS News show that the American People believe Obama did better than McCain in the debate. Of adults who viewed the debate surveyed by CNN, 51% said they thought Obama did better, while only 38% believed McCain had the upper hand. CBS News did a poll of voters who were undcided entering the first Presidential Debate. Of those undecided voters surveyed, 39% said Obama won the debate and only 24% thought McCain had won. You do the math.

No matter how many Republican pundits say McCain held his own or even out-debated Obama, I take comfort in the fact that there are enough non-retarded Americans out there to show their approval of Obama and reject McCain’s tired old attack strategies. I say “enough” meaning enough to get Obama elected in a couple months, not to stop the world exploding before the next century ends. I don’t want you to think I’m going soft or anything. The human race is still doomed.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, as Geordi says in Reading Rainbow. Take a look at this: