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About the Blog

Dear Constant Reader,

Welcome to The New Apocalypse. This blog is a rabid attack against the forces of ignorance that (over)populate the globe. In the tradition of true Gonzo journalism, this column will debunk, berate and lambaste the coalition of evil that has come to dominate this country and the world.

Or I might just fuck around and ramble off on some pointless tangents from time to time. Deal with it.

If you really want a more thorough mission statement for this blog than that, I suggest you check out the inaugural post of The New Apocalypse: “Them that begin by burning books, end by burning men.”

A disclaimer: Please disregard any seemingly bigoted comments, references to illegal activities (especially illicit drug use), or threats of violence against human life that may appear in this blog. This website is a work of satire, and I am not serious about such things. In other words, H.J. Herrick is merely an alter ego and half of his exploits on this blog are not even true. So seriously, chill the fuck out you asshole.

Your attentions are valued, Dear Constant Reader, and feedback is welcomed. I hope to hear from you soon… or not, if you’re just like the other swine.


H.J. Herrick


Addendum (12/7/2011): The New Apocalypse will now also become a forum for the publication of my own demented poetry, and occasionally perhaps fiction. You will still get all of the same politically motivated diatribes you’re used to, but now you will get some dressing as well. Enjoy, dear Constant Reader!