Eschatology for Modern Living


Space, Time

By H.J. Herrick

I. Man, Woman

We are each an ocean. Everything touches us, borders on us, rest and lives within us. We can all destroy life and give birth in the same moment, month, year, century, millennium, millennia. We are within everything. We are full of waves, each plunging headlong into the land, each a tongue caressing the lips of the Earth. We spend our long lives shaping everything around us, touching all our neighbors, mingling with them, our currents entering each other, penetrating each other. We all give birth to the borderless world. We each build the shores up and erode mountains to nothing. And really – though we all change and are changed – we are always here, in some form, some eternal idea. We can’t be killed. We can’t die. We all merely evaporate, drift and rain back into ourselves, each other.

II. The Human Race

We are a wave

slowly gathering,

bearing down on

a shore we cannot

choose. Someday we

will rise, crest, break, die

upon rocks which

will be barely changed

for it. That brief

moment will exist

alone. At last

we will finally

roll back, drawn out

to the ocean which

birthed us as we

cling desperately to

the land. Mercy

will take us outward

to that unseen

place where the ocean

kisses the sky:

where History is

blind and deaf, where

Man is an alien,

where Despair is

a myth. Where Time

ends silently. Where

Hope ceases to

torment us with its


Where Oblivion

caresses our face.

Where even Death’s

lungs fill with water.

III. The Universe

Sometime cosmically soon the Sun will expand and the oceans of this planet will boil off. If we are still here then, we will be immolated and the world will again be barren and void. No one will remember our names, our stories, our histories, because there will be no one. And then the universe will expand

until, asymptomatically, It reaches absolute zero and everything stops


until It reaches a state of maximum entropy wherein all is evenly distributed across nothing and no gradients remain possible in nature, until information itself is gone and with it all life everywhere and everywhen at once


until Its galaxies and eventually all physical forms – no matter how small – disintegrate into unbound radiation and elementary particles


until It goes on forever endlessly, mercilessly.

In any event we are a mote in a nonexistent eye. Our gods will die because we will not exist to imagine them, nor to worship our own imaginations. By then we will be stardust, frozen matter, light, radiation, nothingness.


There’s a New Game in Town

Author’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from today’s new post to Disputationes, the debate and dialectics blog recently undertaken by Comrade Richard “Bingo” Little and myself. What you read here is the beginning of my point: that everything is doomed to oblivion. On Disputationes, you’ll find the rest of my argument as well as Comrade Bingo’s counterpoint (which I must grudgingly admit is quite astute — but still wrong, damn it!). I’m very excited to be launching this new blogging venture with my partner Comrade Bingo, and I hope you’ll follow us there as well, dear Constant Reader.

Pessimus, or Everything is Horrible

By H.J. Herrick

So I’m supposed to tell you poor fuckers why your lives are doomed to mediocrity and despair through no fault of your own. Unless you were born rich, with power and influence. And even then you may not be happy (you fucking sociopathic bastard). Well delivering shit news like this to good hardworking suckers such as yourselves is never easy, dear Constant Readers. I didn’t ask to be the Harbinger of Doom, but I did ask to know the Truth, and have spent my life trying to lift up the dark underbelly of Society to find it. Take it from me: the Truth is a grim ugly Bitch of Death, and it wants to eat your children alive.

So here is how I find myself in this position… After disappearing from public life for some months while serving a brief jail sentence for some trumped up bullshit, I emerged from solitary confinement to go on a horrific month-long ether, psychedelic mushroom and booze-fueled binge across Oregon. While drinking moonshine under a bridge somewhere (I think I was in Marion County, but I blacked out for a few days here and there, so who knows?) I came across my old colleague and friend, Comrade Richard “Bingo” Little. Always the chipper lad, Comrade Bingo had plenty of nice things to say about my needing to buck up and look on the bright side of Life. Naturally, I snorted some strong uppers and composed myself so I could argue the opposite position: that Life and the World are twin Dogs from Hell snarling and gnashing teeth, ready to rend our balls from our bodies. I argued that nothing could be done to better my situation, or the World’s. I was doomed. We were all doomed. But he persisted. Eventually we argued to an impasse, and agreed to continue the debate later in a more civilized forum. So here I am, in this new area and back at the typewriter, arguing the case on the behalf of Chaos and Misery. I’m sure he’ll tell you all about that contrary “The World is a wounded unicorn searching for a healing rainbow” bullshit later, but for now it’s time to sink your teeth into some real meaty and awful rotten stuff: Reality.

Follow the rest of the post here!