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The Second Presidential Debate, 2008: Yeah, That One…

Well, John McCain has made a fool of himself again. This time, he did it with lame jokes and obliquely racist comments. At one point McCain was cracking jokes about how he might need hair transplants. Then the next moment he’s saying something like this:

Just in case you think I’m pulling that out of context, here is McCain’s statement in context:

Has any other presidential candidate in history called his opponent “that one” in a formal debate on live national television? I’ve never heard of such audacity. Have you, dear Constant Reader?

Anyway, apart from his outrageous and irrelevant statements during the debate, McCain really failed to answer half the questions asked of him (again) and when he actually was attempting to answer a question instead of dodge it he failed to make any relevant point. He also completely failed to present himself as a respectable and likable person instead of the crotchety old bat that he really is. As a result of these other failures, he also did not succeed in representing himself as a legitimate leader. I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. Check out these CNN post-debate snap polls:

But lets get back to talking about how McCain is really a racist motherfucker, because that’s just more fun. A lot of people will tell you, “McCain isn’t racist! Don’t be ridiculous. He didn’t mean it that way when he said, ‘that one,’ and pointed at Obama without looking in his general direction.”

And to that I say, “Fuck you, Pat Robertson! Go die!” While you can’t prove McCain is really racist from one such comment, you can prove that McCain thinks very little of Barack Obama and his “otherness” by the way he has treated Barack Obama throughout this campaign season. In the first debate, McCain failed to even look at Obama once after they shook hands until finally the debate was over and he was forced to behave civilly in front of their wives. I’ve never heard of a candidate refusing to make eye contact with his opponent in a debate, but I guess its easier not to look at someone you are trying to villainize when you know you’re behaving immorally. But seriously, to call your opponent “that one” and to completely dismiss all of the respect Obama deserves as a member of the United States Senate? That’s outrageous. It made McCain look bad, and it really isn’t surprising that he’s sinking in the polls again for the third straight time after the third 2008 debate (that is, including the Vice Presidential Debate).

I guess I can’t be surprised that McCain is resorting to desperate attack strategies though. The focus of the race is now on the economy because of current events. Everyone and their dog knows that Obama is by far stronger on the economy and has a better plan to get us out of this mess. As long as the economy is in crisis, Obama will continue to gather defectors from McCain’s camp into his own flock. Bush‘s spending plans and economic strategies have left far too many middle class Americans naked before the flames, and McCain voted for far too many of those spending plans for most peoples’ comfort (90% of the spending plans, to be exact).

With only one debate left (televised at 6:00 pm Pacific time on Wednesday, October 15), McCain will have to dig himself out of quite a hole before election day. I doubt he will be able to do it. It’s easy to swift boat someone like John Kerry, but McCain will have to do a little better against a phenomenon like Barack Obama in order to steal this election.

For those idiots out there who want to pick away at my writing or find innaccuracies or mistruths, I will save you the trouble of muddling through YouTube to find a video of the second debate (see below). Oh, and to those red state readers out there who are going to write me angry emails in just that vein, I have this to say: Fuck off and die! It’s all blue states this year, baby! Yeah, that’s right! America is going to choose that one


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